If you are reading this, then you have probably noticed that you have developed a taste for the blood of the living and an aversion to sunlight. I'm going to try and help you through this. First thing's first though:

1. Don't Panic. Edit

I know, I know, what is happening is scary and way more than you ever expected to deal with in your life, but you have to calm down. You aren't going to help anything by freaking out. Take a deep breath, (I know you don't breath, but humor me.) Better? Okay, let's move on.

2. Don't Tell Anyone. Edit

Trust me when I say that getting other people involved makes everything way more difficult. They won't believe you if you just tell them, and if you prove it to them, they will run. Screaming. Got that? Good, moving on.

3. No, Seriously, Don't. Fucking. Tell. Anyone. Edit

Yeah, I'm not joking. This is Vampire No-No number 1. When someone fucks up like this, it means that it costs us time, money, and a major headache; footage has to be destroyed, bribes have to be paid, memories have to be altered, and in extreme cases, people have to die. Is your Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, whatever worth that little to you?

4. Don't go out in the Sunlight. Edit

I'm not going to lie to you and say that being a vampire is all blood in champange glasses and looking hot forever, but as far I know, you only have one shot at this life and it isn't worth throwing it all away just because of some unexpected blood lust. You potentially have eternity to do whatever it is that you want. All of those minor aches and pains from your mortal days are gone, forever. But... if you are really determined, just, don't go out where other people can see you.

5. Eat Something. Edit

Hunger is your enemy now, and if you are going to make it in this unlife you have to feed. It doesn't have to be humans, stray dogs and cats should work fine for you. If you literally can't keep that down, then you are in for a bit of leg work. Go to bars, clubs, wherever people gather and pay close attention. You'll know them when you see them, and remember, don't let anyone catch you.

6. Go to the Zion Ben-Judah Branch Public Library Downtown ASAP. Edit

This is critical. Go there on either the first or third Sunday of the month, and tell the guy at the door you are here for the "Private Reading" and he will show you up. When you are in, ask for the "Prince" and explain your situation. Xe will at least set you straight. After that, you are on your own. Good luck.