The Masquerade Edit

I can't emphasize how important this is. Why? Well, for all that some of us go on about how we are the "apex predators of the night" or some pretentious bullshit like that, if humanity ever found out us Kindred they would annihilate us. Think about it: there are 7 billion of them. There aren't even 60 Kindred in the entire City. Add to that the fact that Humans can go out in the daylight and have access to an ever-growing stock of technological wonders, and you begin to get the picture.

The Domain Edit

This one is a bit complicated, but basically it comes down to geography. Your domain is a section of the map that you have specifically cordoned off to feed in. However, this can also mean an area of the map that you have a substantial amount of influence in. It gets even more confusing because the Prince technically has domain over the entire City, but delegates out areas of control to other recognized Kindred. Some business-minded Kindred have also taken it to mean that companies under their influence count as domain too. My advice? Learn who has what turf, and then try not to piss anyone off.

The Progeny Edit

Don't make other vampires without the express permission of the Prince. Easy as that.

The Accounting Edit

If you make another vampire they are your responsibility until you say that they are ready to make it on their own. This one could do with some tighter enforcement if you ask me. There are way too many deadbeat sires these nights, and their unprepared kids are causing hell for those of us who just want to keep things mellow.

Hospitality Edit

If you are a new vampire in the City then you are expected to go to the Zion Ben-Judah Branch Library and tell the Prince that you are here. If xe gives the okay, then you can stay here. If you don't announce yourself, and we find you, well...

Destruction Edit

If you break any of the other rules on this page, we will find you and stake you to an east facing wall. If you kill one of us without the express permission of the Prince we will find you, pull out all your limbs, and then stake you to an east facing wall. If you commit diablerie we will find you, and then you get to have a private chat with the Prince, in the Warrens.

No Blood of Abraham Shall be Spilt Edit

By order of the Prince, the Jewish community is sacrosanct. Anyone who is found to be in clear violation of this Tradition, please see the above Tradition.

The Warlocks Shall not Outnumber Five Edit

The Prince has placed a limitation on the number of Tremere that can live in the City. This is directed mostly at the Tremere clan hierarchy, and doesn't have much bearing on the rest of us.