Generation: 10th

Apparent Age: Late Twenties

Sire: An Enormous Asshole Bag 'O Bones

Clan: Nosferatu (Best Clan in the Night!)

Nature: Curmudgeon

Demeanor: Loner

That would be me, the guy putting this little website together. I have to admit being undead is a pretty sweet gig. I don't have to worry about clocking-in at some godforsaken office, and I get to play with tech that would make the Hal 9000 feel small and inadequate. As for the whole Nosferatu curse well, I wasn't that pretty in life and anything that makes me look more like Max Schreck is plus in my book. And hey, it could always be worse, I could sparkle!


Edward Cullen broods because he knows he will never be this cool.

But seriously though, the original Nosferatu is an absolute classic and you should totally watch it!

Anyway, if you need to get in contact with me just shoot me an email.
Wake Williams