Generation: 5th

Apparent Age: Unknown

Sire: Unknown

Clan: Nosferatu

Nature: Architect

Demeanor: Dictator

Zacharias the Shepherd is the enigmatic Prince of the City. No one in the City has any idea of what xe looks like or what sex xe is, so they are forced to use a gender neutral pronoun in order to avoid the devastating social faux pas of calling the Prince an "it."

In lieu of a definite image, there are several things about the Prince that are known for certain. First of which is that despite xir age, xe has only seized praxis in the last 60 years. When the former Prince, Elinor Hext, was placed on the Red List for the outstanding crimes diablerie and diabolism, Zacharias personally lead the blood hunt for her and eventually destroyed her.

Secondly, the Prince has a personal affection for the Jewish community. For reasons only known to xir, Zacharias has named those of Jewish blood to be sacrosanct in the City, and in whatever form xir takes xe is never seen without a golden Star of David pendant.

Finally, as long as Zacharias is Prince, there will be order in the City. Xe is understanding of various situations, but xe will not tolerate anarchy. The Prince can, and will, personally see to the destruction of anyone causing trouble in xir city.

Notable Childer: Imogen